Programmes tailored to the Y- Generation, the youth and young adults market


Half Day communication and learning process that creates the framework for education on branding and that the delivery on the brand. The process addresses BOTH personal and business branding. Is a powerful add on to Ngwale, once the work of the Brand Emissaries has been done.

Etiquette@ Work

The requirement for work readiness is receiving more and more attention from employers as the Generation Y’Rs enter in the workplace. Etiquette @ Work provides school leavers and graduates with the context required for them to be able to pass through the rite of passage from a learning environment into the world of work. Etiquette @ Work makes use of Explore it Map technology.


A more in depth programme designed to integrate graduates into work based fast tracked graduate and intern programmes.

The World of Work

Creates and sets the context that facilitates learning around how the world of work works. The World of Work can be applied to newcomers to the world of work, just as it can be applied to those that have not had the learning or experienced how work really works.