What We Stand For

Our Burning Desire …

Leaving a Legacy of Learning for the next 7 Generations

align-ed water dropletOur Higher Purpose …

Aligning People and Organisations With Purpose.

 We Value …

  • Abundance
  • Learning
  • Collaboration
  • Honour
  • Excellence
  • Mentorship
  • Innovation
  • Stewardship
  • Truth

Our Pillars …

  • Transformative Learning – Learning and education that creates transformation from the inside – out
  • Collective Leadership – Drawing from the teachings of Stewardship, Africa, practicing community and collective leadership for the benefit of all
  • Business Narrative and Storytelling – Engaging in the rich fabric of stories as a platform for organisational learning, communication and alignment
  • Continuous Contribution – Utilising our gifts, talents and competence to ensure an ongoing legacy of learning and development as our contribution to the enrichment of others
  • Sustainable Development – applying the principles and processes of people, planet and prosperity for future generations