This letter serves to confirm that TwalaGlobal Cargo are currently undertaking strategic growth and development plans utilizing Align-Ed’s Angela James as a facilitator and management councillor for our ideals and objectives. The complexities of this exercise require rather intense focus, and a comprehensive insight into the working of the Company, as well as a meaningful grasp of Management thinking and aspirations.

Whilst this project is still a ‘work in progress’, and likely to remain so for some considerable time, our working with Align-Ed has to date been stimulating and rewarding. Her incisive and rapid understanding of our needs and requirements, has led to an ability to see our market position, and be both inventive and creative in plotting a path forward for our Company. It is a vision and ideal that we would probably have been unable to achieve without her intervention.

The Align-Ed commitment, ethic and service standards, have, during our association been laudable, and we have no doubts that working with them into future will be fruitful and rewarding. We would recommend them without hesitation for projects of a similar nature to the one undertaken ourselves.


Richard Adamson.

Align-Ed Clients Twala Global Cargo

Managing Director

In my role as Executive Director Human Resources for EOH, it is critical for our success as an organization that we work as a High Performance team, so that we can deliver exceptionally in the business. In our ever changing environment it became necessary for to equip the HR administration team, which is core to our delivery with change management skills, it was with this in mind that we engaged Align-Ed.

Their programme “Through the Eye of the Eagle” was design to address the change process that is required for the team, “Eagle” supports the identification and gaps required in the change space and in the development of a Team Strategy to reposition and realign the performance that will be required from the team going forward. Whilst learning for the team is an essential part of the process, I found that “Eagle” was however not just another training course.

I was absolutely pleased with the outputs for the process, as they formed a foundation for solid working relationships, and true understanding of their role in the bigger HR Strategy, as being one of service and to take personal responsibility for their actions.

I would highly recommend the work of Mrs Angela James & Align-Ed.

Yours sincerely,

Pumeza Bam

Align-Ed Clients EOH

Executive Director: Human Resources

Firstly I would like to thank you from the entire family at Toll, for you and your team at Service Warriors commitment and dedication in making our Toll Tigers and Titans training program launch a massive success with all of our Toll staff. I must admit that I was pretty sceptical in the beginning when you where presenting your ideas to us, but you did an excellent job in showing me how professional you and your team are and the value you added to this program is immeasurable.

During this nationwide launch it was clear from the start that Service Warriors was well prepared and dealing with large groups (sometimes over 80 people) is normally very difficult. You where stern when needed but never let the “fun” element go which is one of the key areas we asked you to focus on. The workbook that the staff had to fill out was well thought out and engaged them so that they bought into the concept we were driving home. The story process that you thought up was a great hit and this brought all staff into the concept we were trying to get across to them.

I believe the interview process you went through with the Directors was critical to the success of the launch and understanding the culture of the business and where we wanted it to get to was executed very well by you and the Service Warriors team.

So a big thank you for making this initiative a success and I know we are still working with Service Warriors to ensure this Toll Tigers/Titans training program changes our culture in the business and that you will assist us going forward in ensuring we get our staff to stay at Toll and deliver service excellence to our customer base.

We at Toll look forward to working with you in the future and would not hesitate to be an “Apostle” of Service Warriors and spread the word of the great service you offer in terms of training and skills development.

Thanking you

Clinton White
Sales Director
Align-Ed Clients TOLL

Note: Service Warriors has been re-named Serv-ED. Feb 2014.

I have had the privilege of working with Angela James and my Staff for the past 6 years. The results of the interventions have been nothing short of astonishing. The beginning was met with some skepticism, which very quickly became commitment.

The transformation of the General Staff has been staggering and I can honestly say that their commitment to the Guests and the Business has become a very special relationship.

We also embarked on a Supervisory Development program, which helped mediocre Supervisors into a formidable Junior Management Team.

The Team also assisted in the formation of our Company’s Mission, Vision and Values, as well as a Business Strategy, which has served us well for the past 3 Years.

We are about to embark on a new Business Strategy, which, I am sure will deliver the same excellent results.

Tony Rubin

Align-Ed Clients Maropeng

General Manager

The thread that link all people, all events and all experiences are the stories that flow through them. Service warriors, lead by Angela James, are writing the book of life with all the stories that impact and influence people lives and Businesses . No other Enterprise can tell your story so the world can experience and engage with you to take your business to the next level.

Lisa Gering

logo Sirdar

I worked with Angela, whist General Manager of Lombardy Boutique Hotel, located in Pretoria East. As a managerial team, we set aside two years, and with Angela’s program, worked through it. The results were outstanding. I found her to be rather knowledgeable regards our industry, she is always neutral, and looks for the best solutions to help move the group forward. I would not hesitate to recommend this company, and look forward to working with Angela in the future.

Laurence Dale McGrath – General Manager – Valley Lodge

You taught me more than most people realise. I learned that self confidence is key, knowing what to ask, how to ask and how to guide not only the client but co-workers to the right solutions. Knowledge of your product, surroundings, abilities and technology is as important as old school techniques. Communication skills are important, to lead you need to understand what following is like, one ultimately needs to lead by example. The tools you gave me has also helped me in my current endeavour,as I am now the GM at Elemod Electronics. Thank you for your insight, tools and in general getting me, your impression on me has made me a far better person both personally and professionally. 

Daryl Garner-Savory

GM Elemod Electronics