Service Warriors

A primary purpose for any organisation and its leadeSW Shieldrship is to be of service to its customers – both internal and external. Service Warriors™ is supported by five different Service Warriors as the narrators and storytellers of the brand who champion the Cause of Service in Action. Service Warriors™ edutaining stories and products extend from the development of strategic thinking and service strategy to the implementation of this strategy that have been created to engage and delight customers.

Service Delivery and Customer Engagement Strategies:

Service Warriors is the Align-Ed product offering that addresses service strategy and service related performance. Service Warriors products are specifically aimed at creating and fostering a culture of service through the alignment of customer expectations and the brand experience that has been created through marketing and brand messaging.

Service Warrior programmes makes use of business narrative, story and characterization as the means to create the context for the business and service strategy.

Service Warriors is through the programmes, advocating a “Crusade for Service in Action” as customer service and being of service is sadly lacking in the environment in which business and customers experience engagement with people within organisations. Addressing this gap is crucial in South Africa and Africa being able to compete in the global arena.

To address the direction needed for the organization, Service Warriors has a range of options that are iterative and that build on one another that are designed to address these needs:

Leading Service Warriors:

Is aimed at positioning the roles and the responsibilities and the leadership required of the leadership team (including Supervisors) in supporting the culture of service that the strategy requires. This is the aspect that is critical to the success of the intervention and its importance cannot be stressed enough.

“A Call to Action”:

The next phase involves the communication and deployment of the Service Culture to all staff of the business to ensure that they are fully informed, engaged and committed to the change. This process is highly engaging and is delivered to all management and staff. This programme though given the nature of the staff and the positions may well be at too junior a level.

“The Way of the Service Warrior”:

Addresses the linkage and alignment of the business and service strategy for all staff; entrenches service delivery and the customer experience as a part of the values and culture of the business; examines the philosophy of Ubuntu an the Ubuntu values as they align with the business’s service strategy and looks to foster team unity around the service strategy. At an individual level, staff are given tools to better connect with and enhance their customer’s experience of them personally.

“Authentic Service Warriors”:

This experience is aimed at aligning individuals with the organisation with a deeper focus on authenticity at individual and organizational levels as a primary driver of business differentiation. This to ensure that the business and brand promise is translated into Customer Experiences – Internal and External – that are grounded in integrity and respect.

Service Warrior Cultur-Ed:

One-day processes designed to sensitize Service Warriors to the cultures and customers that they are engaging with where their customers are from other countries e.g. Japan

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