Our Peer Educators

Make a difference this Festive Season – Sponsor a Peer Educator!

Align-Ed Foundation invites youth and employees from youth focused not for profit companies (who align with learning and education as part of their services) to participate in the implementation of the Choices™ board game within the communities that they serve.

Align-Ed Foundation and SA Learns, our cause marketing campaign, partners with transformative learning providers and not for profit companies as a means to market and engage people of all ages in and with transformative learning events, in this case, the Choices™ board game.

CaptureA youth version – Choices™ 4 Teens board game has been developed as an edutaining way to engage and connect the youth with learning that translates into the power of making positive enabling choices. The game is a metaphor for life and is a part of the Choices™ 4 Teens workshop and can also be played as a standalone. The game addresses:

  • Consequence for choice
  • Rights and responsibilities
  • Inspirational quotes about choices
  • Appropriate responses to life events and circumstances
  • Learning components aimed at living an empowered life.

The game is supported by additional learning prompts and tools that are aimed at reinforcing the messages and learning gained from playing the game.


Align-Ed Foundation and SA Learns invites you and your organisation to sponsor the training of a Peer Educator/s from Align-Ed Foundation and SA Learns partner Thola Umsebenzi or from a cause of your choice. The requirement is that suitable beneficiaries (causes) that fit the objectives of the SA Learns and Choices™ strategies.

Our first group of Peer Educators is to be trained during the first week of December 2015. This, so that during the December school holiday break, the Peer Educators can be out in their communities playing the board game whilst the youth are on school holidays. The game provides the impetus for teens in communities to exercise their free will in making more empowered and positively informed choices.

The Peer Educator Programme:

Choices™ Board Game

The overall objective of the Peer Educator Programme is to equip young people with the ability to facilitate the Choices™ board game.

Peer Educators will undergo a four day intensive programme that will cover:

  1. Their own experience of the one day Choices™ Workshop during which they will be exposed to the Choices™ board game as a participant.
  2. Initiations™ – a two day learning experience that is aimed at a rite of passage and a personal journey of transformation
  3. Choices™ board game facilitator training and assessment – which will equip the Peer Educators with basic facilitator skills to deliver the Choices™ game.

In addition the Peer Educators will be given:

  1. Their own board game
  2. Their own Choices™ affirmation card deck
  3. SA Learns and Choices™ branded shirt and cap
  4. A memory-stick with the videos and music that is part of the SA Learns experience.
  5. Support from the SA Learns support team
  6. Membership of the SA Learns Peer Educator community
  7. A stipend for the project of R2 000

Investment : R7 840

Tranining dates: 5 – 8 Dec 2015

Career Progression to Choices™ Facilitators:

Opportunities for those Peer Educators that exhibit potential for further development are numerous.

Align-Ed Foundation and SA Learns through the Peer Educator Gap year offers additional opportunity for promising Peer Educators to be further developed as Facilitators of the Choices 1 day workshop.  As licensed Choices™ Facilitators, participants would be able to contract out their services to Align-Ed and or Choices™ User License holders. In addition part of the gap year training will equip Peer Educators to sell Choices™ products and services with an option based on performance, to develop their own businesses.

Further opportunity exists to develop learning and development co-operatives from the Peer Educator membership as a means for economic development within communities.

Align-Ed™ Peer Group options provide an exciting platform for broad based black economic empowerment of South Africa youth.

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