Our Team

Angela James

New MeFounder and CEO of Align-Ed Holdings. She is an expert at facilitating the development of transformative business strategy, aligning brand, and internal organisation culture, and people with the strategy. Her expertise is developing communications, education, learning solutions as the mechanism and medium that facilitates alignment and she loves writing and telling stories!

Angela was educated at University of Witwatersrand (BA Psychology) and UNISA (BA HONS Psychology). She has extensive experience in Learning and Talent Management, Marketing Messaging, Culture and Brand Management, The Experience Economy, Storytelling, Transformation and Change Management and Organisational Development.

Her strengths lie in seeing interconnections between different disciplines; predicting the impact of trends and the creation of context within which people and organisations operate. Angela is insightful, visionary and entranced by South Africa and African philosophy and storytelling as a means to learning. She is a lifelong learner, passionate about the development of people, potential and possibility. She has a fundamental belief in the promise of the Rainbow Nation and is inspired by awakening potential in others.

Patience Sithole

Has been the backbone of much of the effort that has gone into the paperwork and office administration over the 10 years that it has taken for Align-ED to get to where it is today.

Her fundamental belief in the work that we do, her ongoing support, her own growth and learning over the years is testament to the impact that the work that we do in Align-ED. Patience time after time has displayed loyalty of and commitment to the development of the business and its products.

When she started working in the business, whilst having a matric Patience had never sat in front of a computer before. Today she is able to operate office programmes to the degree that is required by the office administration required of her. She has resilience and a belief in the work that we do that is a humbling daily reminder. As a single mother, she has been able to through her association with Align-ED and our programme material, given her children the opportunity to mobilise and improve themselves too.