Our Community

At Align-Ed we are very focused on our core area of expertise – that of creating and supporting alignment of strategy, culture, brand and people to achieve business results. We achieve this through alignment; African narrative and storytelling; engagement and transformative learning.

We are not all things to everyone. Often times our clients require processes and services that do not fall within our sweet spot. For this reason, we have aligned ourselves with other businesses that are in accord with who and what Align-Ed stands for and how they can add value to our product offering.

Our business model is based on collaboration and in bringing in partners that engage in areas other than those that we are expert at, we are able to provide our clients with project teams that bring in a vast array of skills and expertise.

In addition, in line with the work of Align-Ed Foundation and SA Learns and the capacity building that takes place within these entities, we are able to contribute to upliftment of others through our Peer Educator Programme. Projects in these two aspects of our involvement in building a community of learning address Enterprise and Skills Development and Procurement linked to the BBBEE Scorecards. 96_1920x1200_abstract_connections