Our Brands

snowflakeAlign-ED supports the implementation of strategy across a number of different areas of business focus. We do so by providing learning and communication solutions vital to the success of strategy implementation. Research suggests that one of the most significant reasons why strategies fail to gain the traction hoped for in their implementation is most often times due to poor communication and the absence of context for the strategy to take hold.

We have therefore tailored our offering into a branded approach that speaks to a number of different, relevant and topical strategic themes.

Align-ED™ – Alignment with Purpose

The Align-ED Products are universal in nature and can be applied across industries and business entities. The processes dealt with in our learning and edu-tainment communications are generic and support the transformation and change that is required within people and the organisation to shift to the next level.

Choices™ – On Purpose

Addresses the concepts of free will choice, consequences, rights and responsibilities, the alignment of business and personal choice. Includes the Choices™ board game and supporting products.

7 Generations™ – Sustainability with Purpose

Focuses on the creation of context through learning initiatives about Sustainability as a business strategy. 7 Generations is the Align-Ed “Green” product range and speaks to People, Planet and Prosperity and the leaving of a legacy that is sustainable for future generations.

Service Warriors™ – Service with Purpose

A primary purpose for any organisation and its leadership is to be of service to its customers – both internal and external. Service Warriors™ is supported by five different Service Warriors™ as the narrators and storytellers of the brand who champion the Cause of Service in Action. Service Warriors™ edutaining stories and products extend from the development of strategic thinking and service strategy to the implementation of this strategy that have been created to engage and delight customers.

Connections™ – Diversity with Purpose

Celebrates diversity in all spheres and at all ages of life. For Me™ is a space within which people are free to express themselves within the truth of who they are. For Me™ learning experiences are aimed at allowing and celebrating personal authenticity through self expression within the roles we take on in life – at work, home, in our social and physical lives. For Me™ is a cornucopia of experiencing the joy to be found in the diversity and colourful fabric that is woven through the magnificence of the tapestry of our difference at the same time as what unites us – our humanness.

In Their Footsteps™ – Wisdom with Purpose

Taps into the knowledge and wisdom of the Elders in the Oral tradition. For centuries, learning was passed on orally. Entire cultures and religions have been passed down through the centuries in this manner. In Their Footsteps™ products speak to the power and essence in learning from our elders and has a strong link back to knowledge management and tapping into the power of knowledge contained within individuals and organisations. In Their Footsteps™ within South Africa and Africa is also about authentically sustaining the legacy of the African Spirituality contained in the teachings of “Ubuntu”.

Y’REd™ – Youth with Purpose

Programmes tailored to the youth and young adults market. Challenges faced by the youth and young adults today link to the absence of their understanding the context within the world of work and the mindset that is required to be a productive and functioning member of the organisations for which they work.Y’REd™ seeks to close this gap and to provide employers with engaged and committed young people as they feed into organisations. Relevance in terms of the delivery of learning that is in line with the technological focus of this generations poses new and interesting solutions to this target population.

BalancEd – Wellness with Purpose

Programmes and processes aimed at facilitating the development of authenticity through wellness in all aspects of the manner in which we engage with and in the world. BalancEd is about wellness within individuals and organizations.

The Business Commune – Entrepreneurs with Purpose

The Business Commune focuses on the nurturing (rather than the incubation of small business) of small business in an environment created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs and provides short sharp busts of learning tailored to meet the time demands of the busy entrepreneur and the small business operator.