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Taps into the knowledge and wisdom of the Elders in the Oral tradition. For centuries, learning was passed on orally. Entire cultures and religions have been passed down through the centuries in this manner. In Their Footsteps products speak to the power and essence in learning from our elders and has a strong link back to knowledge management and tapping into the power of knowledge contained within individuals and organisations. In Their Footsteps within South Africa and Africa is also about authentically sustaining the legacy of the African Spirituality contained in the teachings of “Ubuntu”.

In Their Footsteps – Stewardship

Stewardship is key in the development of new economy businesses and those that serve the foundation principles of sustainable development, being people, planet and prosperity.Stewards are senior members of the organisation who hold the purpose and intent of the organisation as it has been and is manifested through the people in the organisation. Stewards are custodians of the ability of the organisation  to create, produce and deliver on the business’s purpose and the brands promise that it makes BOTH to its employees and its customers.

In Their Footsteps – Stewardship™ is a 2 day process that facilitates the development of organizational cultures that foster a mindset that all work is service. As Stewards, Executives, know and commit themselves to serving each other, their team, clients and their people with honour, respect and dignity

In Their Footsteps – Sponsors – Leading Change:

Mobilising the campaign for change. All too often strategic focus gets lost in its implementation. Executives in conceiving of the change, hand over the reigns to implementation management teams and functions and shift their focus to the next series of challenges that face them and their organizations. The role of the Sponsor of Change is critical to any change effort. Leading Change focuses specifically on the Change Sponsors role in leading and driving the organization forward.

In Their Footsteps – Change Champions™

Whilst the role of the sponsor is critical to the outcome of any change or transformation effort, without the change champions execution of the envisaged change is almost impossible. In Their Footsteps  – Change Champions™ focuses on the critical role of those leaders within the organisation that are the drivers and implementers of change.

In Their Footsteps – Mentors™:

Developing a specialised area of leadership capacity development that taps into the inherent wisdom that is found within the organization and ensures the transfer of this wisdom from “Elder” to “Initiate” and that inculcates a culture of mentoring and the passing on of a legacy – both personal and organisational.

In Their Footsteps – Initiates™:

Preparing candidates for mentoring. This process mirrors into In Their Footsteps – Mentors and sets up the relationships, roles and contracting required for the recipient of mentoring, the initiate to engage effectively in this relationship.

Note: In Their Footsteps – Mentors and In Their Footsteps – Initiates should be run back to back as a half day of the process for each group means bringing the two groups together to complete the contracting and partnering process.

MRS – Moral Repositioning System™:

Focus is on the development of a frame of reference of ethics and morals that secure integrity in the manner in which people and their organizations are perceived. This process is aimed at the management of the internal culture of the business as well as the external reputation management. The latter is more and more important as customers exert pressure on organisations to operate from a moral high ground.

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