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It has been our experience working in company and for our clients that the one thing that no CEO or his team has control over is the free will choice of their staff. Unless a compelling context is created for people to engage, most people take to their own devices. There is ample evidence of this in polls such as the Gallup Poll that surveyed employee engagement around the world. For the full report – Gallup

Statistics for South Africa are alarming;

  • 9% of employees are actively, positively engaged and emotionally connected.
  • 46% are neutral showing up in a job and doing just enough.
  • 45% are actively disengaged as evidenced though strikes, sabotage, go slows, absenteeism, disciplinary issues and the like.

On the global stage the report indicates that 13% of employees around the world are engaged. Engagement reflects emotional connection and expression of passion in who people are as this is manifested in what they do. Engagement is a choice and it is our experience that people who are disconnected from themselves, is a fundamental reason why these statistics are so alarming.

So what is through a simple and effective process, Choices™, the positive engagement statistics could be improved by 10% – what would this be worth to your people, your business. your culture, brand and customers?

The Choices™ brand of workshops and products have been designed to address free will choice in a manner that positively contributes to the transformation of people from being disengaged and dis-empowered to enabled and empowered.Choices™ creates the foundation and context in which all other strategies – such as service, sustainability, gender, youth and business practices are embedded

The full range of products on offer – Choices Products


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