Programmes and processes aimed at facilitating the development of authenticity through wellness in all aspects of the manner in which we engage with and in the world.  is about wellness within individuals and organizations.

From an Acorn to an Oak:

Supports participants to let go of their conditioning about money, poverty and debt based thinking that arises from poor self esteem and lack of personal worth and value. “Acorn” fosters a re-patterning of beliefs about the energy of exchange of value in a universe that is abundant. “Acorn” makes use of Explore It Map technology and creates the context for real active steps towards wealth creation.


Celebrate being South African and African, yourself, your community and the future in a context that engages the participant in the rites of passage that foster the development and our evolution into being active participants in mobilizing and creating a brighter future for all. Initiations takes participants through a highly engaging, active and compelling process that reaches into and changes the manner in which they engage in and with themselves and their world. The metaphor of the rainbow and the butterfly support this process and initiation of transformation


A journey and celebration of intimacy within relationships – be this with oneself or in relationship to others. Int-I-Mates explores relationships from various angles and includes relationships from all walks of life – from self, to the one on one love relationship, to family, friends that speaks to the social nature of what it means to be human.