Products and services that are housed within the mother brand are those that are generic in nature and cut across all of the Align-Ed sub brands. Align-ed products focus on:

  • Pre and Post assessment
  • Organisation development, transformation and strategy
  • Business Processes
  • Recruitment and Talent Management
  • Customer Acquisition and Sales
  • Facilitation Processes
  • Knowledge Management
  • Leadership and Capacity Building
  • Learning Technologies

Align-Ed Processes:


The effectiveness of any process implementation is dependent on the results that the process has achieved. Pre and post measures form a part of the offering for those organisations that are required to monitor and evaluate the implementation of results and improvements to those results.

Assessment: Paying Dividends:

This process determines the gaps and causes of those gaps in terms of the current versus desired state of the business. This is normally but not limited to executive and high level staff and has a strategic focus to the assessment. The process is normally conducted via one or one or group interviews and a full report on the data gathered is provided to the client.

Assessment: Culture: Vital Signs:

Vital Signs indicates the current perceptions held by the staff in the organization.  The process is key in unearthing the “elephants in the room” and assessing the degree to which people within the organization are engaged in the business, its delivery to customers and their own personal alignment with the business and its culture. This process can be vital in ensuring that the desired movement forward is not undermined or sabotaged. Collection of information here is via survey and results and the report collated and presented to management. Should the client require interviews with staff or dialogue circles instead, this methodology can equally produce what is required.

Organisation Development and Transformation:

The Matricks©:

Align-Ed’s process that links to organisation change and transformation. The process is integrated and systemic and addresses 13 areas of focus that are relevant and crucial to the development of businesses designed to address the challenges of the 21st Century.

Further details on offer on The Matricks© Product Brochure.


Processes here are generic in addressing organisation wide transformation as well as specifically customised to suit the implementation of the desired strategic objectives linked to the themes (indicated above)

Strategy Development: Telling Y-Our Story:

Is a business simulation for the development of strategic thinking and strategy that makes use of the metaphor of theatre and film making. This process is particularly relevant for an organization that seeks to differentiate itself as an Experience Economy based business. Here work is theatre and the entire business is crafted around the brand experience and memories that are afforded staff and customers.

Strategy Development: Through the Eye of the Eagle:

Development of strategic thinking that is aimed at the overarching business strategy and or identified theme/s as a derivative of the business strategy. This process is work shopped with the executive / senior leadership team/s. The desired outputs that are required from the process that form:

The foundation for the development of the business and its culture

The business performance required for the period for which the strategy has been developed as identified in the strategic goals and objectives

Team coherence and a unified focus as Senior Leadership Team is taken through reflective exercises that allow the team to operate more effectively

Business Processes:

Business Narrative and Storytelling:

The oral tradition and means of learning is via visioning, trance dancing and storytelling. This is as true for Africa as it is for oral traditions around the world. Learning and communications models within the context of the world of work as we know it are primarily based on western Prussian schooling based systems. Align-Ed specializes in creating learning processes, products and customized offerings that are a blend of the two learning methodologies.

Stories and narrative have a multitude of applications and their design and development form a vital part of the building of an organisation internally as well as externally. Stories can be used internally in the development of the business culture; in driving organizational learning; developing leadership focus; and externally via a number of marketing and social media campaigns and content.

Characterisation and Animation:

Arising from stories and business narrative is the development of characters or brand or internal culture archetypes that are specific to the industry and or client organization. Align-Ed assists in the development of the brand characters as narrators and key messengers that drive home corporate messaging. We have used this technique to great effect in our own products and culture as well as for client companies.

Catering to the younger generation, these characters can be developed into animated versions and used in communications media that are relevant to the youth.

Internal Communications:

Partnering with SnapComms, Align-Ed focuses on the content development of what is released through this very effective internal communications tool. Product offering here would link to stories, characterization and the creation of content on a monthly retainer basis.

Brand Building – The Dance of Life:

Workshop specifically created for the development of the brand building team and the brand emissaries. Equally applies to marketing and line staff that are responsible for holding and protecting the space of the brand and entrenching the brand at each moment of truth. The Dance of Life uses the metaphor of dancing in all forms as the means to engage and “dance” with customers – both internal and external.

Sales – Trade Routes:

Mobilizing your Merchants (Sales People) to bring together your products and services with Buyers across high tech and soft touch channels to market. Trade Routes conjours up  images of merchants trading across the seven seas and is designed to address selling in a transformation manner.

Recruitment and Talent Management – Talent-Ed:

End to end recruitment through to performance management system. Talent-Ed has some key differentiators as we provide the means to assess applicants as fit for culture as well as ongoing alignment with the organisation’s core purpose. Using film language we support our clients in casting for their business production as well as the management of performance; talent management and succession planning as a natural output of the process implementation.

Leading Talent-Ed People:

Workshops aimed at the deployment of the Talent-Ed process to leaders within the organisation and includes processes related to recruitment and interviewing; job specs and job descriptions; performance management and people development.

C Cubed:

A half-day learning experience that creates the context for the implementation of Quality Management, as a strategic driver of the client business. C-Cubed makes use of Explore It Map technology and the diamond as the iconic symbol for quality.

Knowledge Management

The Alchemist:

Facilitators that are involved with the delivery of our material are required to deliver on our burning desire of “Identifying potential, unlocking possibility and igniting talent” and our Higher Purpose of “Aligning People and Organisations With Purpose” The Alchemist looks to the training of facilitators that will be engaged to deliver our processes and products and encompasses the context related to and content of the learning methodologies that are used in their development and delivery. This process is also required of facilitators and training staff within our clients that buy our products in and deliver them the processes themselves.

Flying Solo: Assessor Training:

Run by one of our Associates, Skills 4 Success, Flying Solo has been designed to equip those that are required to ensure the competence of others through assessment of learning and competence. Flying Solo makes use of the metaphor of training pilots to “fly solo” as the means to facilitate the process to competence.

Leadership and Capacity Building:

Connexions – Supervisory Development:

Roles of Supervisors in achieving business, team and performance success. Connexions focuses on the pivotal role that the supervisor plays in connecting business; customers; people and performance in the execution of the operational delivery of strategic goals and objectives.

Align-Ed Managing and Leading – “Shapeshifters”:

Addresses roles, responsibilities and competencies required of leaders within the world of work. A six day process run over three modules of 2 days each that addresses transcending, transformational and transactional aspects of what it means to tap into the potential of people in order to deliver performance and business results.



Brand owned by Align-Ed. Clipbitz™ caters to high performance environments in delivering bite-sized pieces of learning of 1 – 2 hours using the content from our workshops over a period of a few weeks (rather than in a half day; one day or two day setting) either in face-to-face situations or via technology in real time live classroom situations via the web and Wathcitoo technology. Clipbitz is ideal for busy leaders; sales people and especially for call centres.

Explore It Maps:

Partnering with Real Time Learning – Explore It Maps is a highly engaging dynamic learning technology that makes use of experiential learning; dialogue and a visual learning map designed to stimulate right brained learning and retention together with left brained business thinking. Highly effective for campaign launches, team building and organization induction programmes.