7 Generations

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Focuses on the creation of context through learning initiatives about Sustainability as a business strategy. Is the Align-Ed “Green” product range and speaks to People, Planet and Prosperity and the leaving of a legacy that is sustainable for future generations.


Sets the context for engaging people and their organisation in the principles and practices of sustainable development. Aligns with the ISO 140001 codes and the green economy. Im’Print-Ed makes use of Explore-It Map technology from Real Time Learning.  .

I Love RT

Specifically geared to the tourism and hospitality. I Y RT is the Align-Ed Learning process aimed at Responsible Tourism that addresses sustainable development particularly within this sector. The programme makes use of Explore It Map technology and is geared to the entire tourism value chain.

The Power of Life

The Power of Life has been developed to equip community peer educators to inform people within their communities as to the use and management of power and water and basic necessities of living as they are provided to areas that previously were devoid of these services. Peer educators are assisted in providing context and an understanding of the resulting roles and responsibilities of users of these services.