align-ed-buscard-REVERSE-Aug2015 (5)At Align-Ed, we specialise in creating context for our clients through focusing on strategic thinking and the development of brand and culture that is aligned with this thinking. These three aspects form the core of any organisation. Through facilitated processes we partner with our clients to support the creation, activation, development and sustainability of this core.

The Align-Ed offering has been inspired from the work done by James Collins and Jerry Porras in their book “Built to Last” (Williams Collins. 2004). At Align-Ed we specialise in assisting our clients to preserve their core and stimulate progress. The development, ring fencing, and protection of the core, focuses on identity – who they are, on function – what they do and on purpose– why they do what they do. This principle applies equally to individuals, as it does to brands and organisation.

Supporting the processes that form the core, Align-Ed is expert in facilitating:

  • Alignment – people and businesses are complex systems. Alignment with the core throughout these systems is critical to achieve authenticity. We are expert and ensuring that this alignment takes place which leads to …
  • Engagement – that sense of connection and belonging to a purpose greater than any one individual. Bringing together of like minded and like hearted people who and connected to the core of the organisation is key to engagement.
  • Storytelling – through the use of narrative following on the cultural model ingrained in the oral traditions of the world
  • Transformational Learning – our processes facilitate learning at a level of consciousness, beliefs and values, and as a result promote sustainable individual and organisation transformation.

Further, the work done by Joseph Pine and James Gilmore in The Experience Economy (Harvard Business Review Press. 1999) has provided the means to develop and manifest that core through their analogy of work being theatre. Align-Ed supports our clients in creating experiences and memories for customers and stakeholders that are aligned to their core. The Experience Economy facilitates heartfelt and emotional connections with businesses, brands and people.

Our processes and products facilitate alignment of strategies that address amongst others:

• Business and Leadership 
• Sustainability (Green)
• Service
• Diversity
• Knowledge Management
• Youth Development
• Wellness for individuals and organisations
• Entrepreneurial and Enterprise Development